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  • Season four, episode one spoiler pics. (Link from leighm). In case it isn't clear: SPOILERS FOR SPN SEASON FOUR, EPISODE ONE.

  • More hot pics of the men's 4x100m swimming relay. Oh Olympics! Who would have guessed you'd be my happy place this summer?

  • Metallica has announced that it will launch its first North American tour in four years beginning October 12 in Glendale, Arizona.

  • I had a super rough class this summer, as you know because I posted 700 times about how I was going to fail it. When I was in LA, I had dinner with azewewish and annkiri, who kindly listened to me complain some more. (I'm pretty sure azewewish's advice boiled down to: "If you want to pass, then do better.") So I did. I worked hard and I thought about how much I *really* didn't want to have to go back to them and confess that I failed and I...passed. In fact, I got an A. Thanks guys, thanks for making me BETTER.

  • I had a bit of an LJ meltdown last night, where yet again, I managed to take things too seriously. I managed to remember quickly though that when people hate on things I love, they're hating on the THINGS, not on ME. And it's ok for us all to like different things. In fact, it's pretty awesome. (It seems ridiculous written out like that but it was a big light bulb moment last night.)

  • I started crying today during yoga. Not boohooing, but...just tears streaming down my face. I was sort of humiliated but apparently it isn't that uncommon. I don't really feel any better but I do feel exhausted. Which is good because I'm in a bad insomnia-cycle, which always plays havoc with my emotions. Natural sleep would be great.

  • Anywhoo.
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