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yes, still talking about swimming

I'm so amazingly exhausted. The last three or four days have really been over the top in terms of activity. I am le tired.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who texted me and commented about Phelps's win last night. I did end up watching it after all but it was such a fun experience to have so many people all excited at one time. It just amped me up even more.

My parents were freaking ADORABLE. They don't quite have the same Olympic-fever going on that I do, but they were good sports about watching and had basic knowledge of Phelps and the situation. After the race, my Dad asked me TWICE if I thought "that Ace of Cakes guy" would make Phelps a victory celebration cake when he got back home. (My Dad has a secret man-crush on Duff. It also is quite adorable.)

Also, I have a bone to pick.

Dear NBC: So, last night I was watching a broadcast that you kept telling me was live. The on-screen graphic said "live." The announcers said it was live. And yet, TWO people texted me the race results before it even had started on my TV. Unless fangirls have perfected time travel, you are lying liars who lie. No love, --Wendy

Dear Fangirls: Are you holding out on me?!?!? Panicked, --Wendy

Here's a link to a couple of screencaps from the piece NBC did on Phelps saying all he does is eat, sleep, swim. Check out the pictures of Herman, Michael's adorable bulldog! AWWW. On the interview they aired tonight, Bob Costas asked Phelps what he was most looking forward to about getting home again and he said he missed his dog. *swoon*

Now that swimming is done, will Wendy be able to talk about something besides the Olympics?

I have faith in you!
Forget about it.

I have another non-Olympics topic to discuss (I KNOW!) but I guess I'll wait until tomorrow and I feel sure it will be lost here at the bottom of this post anyway.

P.S. 8:45 p.m. totally isn't too early to be thinking about bed...is it?
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