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The Christmas Cottage trailer, via missyjack:

I admit it, it gives me chills. Yes, I'm embarrassed about it. JARED.

thehighwaywoman is awesome, in case you didn't know. She always is willing to step up and give a kind word, do a favor or make a music-deprived girl some mix CDs. You are awesome honey, I appreciate you!

I am still (STILL) reading Big Bangs and I gotta tell you...I ran across yet another fabulous one last night. They never end. I just can't get over how every single one is AMAZING. I hope you're still reading too. Pick one at random that you haven't looked at yet. I bet you end up surprised and pleased! The master list is right here.


The Baltimore Sun did an article about what Phelps wants to do now that the Olympics are over. He said a few different things, but one was maybe to be in a poker tournament. Apparently, between races, the guys would sometimes play cards.

SHOCKINGLY, Ryan Lochte was Phelps's partner.

Phelps didn't do much during his down time in between races -- movies mostly -- but he did learn to play Spades and team up with Ryan Lochte for a few afternoon victories that took his mind off swimming.

"Lochte and I were teammates a bunch of times and we didn’t start off very good," Phelps said. "We were just learning the game. We finished really well. Lochte and I had this one game against Shanteau and Cullen where we were down like the first five hands. We were negative points all the hands. It was like 380 to 4.

"We ended up coming back and winning. We were bidding blind and all that."

So, I asked, was there a celebration similar to winning the 400-free relay?

"Oh, we were so excited," Phelps said. "They were like, 'I can’t believe that just happened,' and Lochte and I were yelling and screaming. It was so much fun."
Oh, there was celebrating, I feel SURE.

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