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This day is made of fail.

First of all, I'm in a rotten mood. That kind of mood where I just WANT To walk around mad at everyone and laying around feeling sorry for myself.

Second, I know Michael Phelps already has shot a Sports Illustrated cover of him wearing all his gold medals. He did it before he left Beijing. I've seen the pics, I know they exist. I don't have any idea when SI hits news stands, so I called Barnes & Noble this morning to see if they had the issue with Phelps on the cover. They did, so I went to get it. And while technically they DO have an SI with Phelps on the cover, it's OLD and not the one I wanted and UGH.

Third, I got an email that moonmelody is holding annkiri hostage in Phoenix, which really is uncalled for. (OK, so really B is having car trouble and is stuck there but THE POINT IS that annkiri will not be here today and this just makes me want to kick things even more.)

Also, it's raining. I don't want to do anything but pout and seethe. My brain is thinking too many deep thoughts. I want things I can't have and things I don't know how to get.

Dear today: MADE OF FAIL.
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