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Some things!

1. I posted a Sam-centric recap and capspam of Benders, Shadow, Hell House and Something Wicked right here at spn_nostalgia. You should go check it out. It was fascinating to see how much Sam's character has changed between then and now.

2. I FINALLY have acquired the SI with Michael Phelps and his medals on the cover. This brings me JOY. I might scan it later but I haven't read it yet, so we'll see.

3. Best. Yoga. Class. EVER. I feel strong and powerful and calm. Also, the instructor told me I have a tiny waist and extremely flexible hips. *beams*

4. I have ice cream!

5. I, uhm, never really expected the post I made yesterday to turn into an actual love meme. Fandom is well trained. *grin* But love always is a good thing, yeah? Anyway, I finally turned off comments and I'm not really following it anymore so if anything needs taken care of (*cracks knuckles*) you need to tell me, ok?

6. I have read my whole flist today and commented on nothing. I fail.

7. I bought a bunch of magazines and this GLORIOUS deep purple nail polish for my toes and these things combine to make me HAPPY.

8. FUN EMAIL. I love email, ok?

9. Sometimes good advice is worth the anguish it takes to finally get to it.


ETA: Ohhh ohhh! Phelps gossip! From the NY Post:
Michael Phelps was spotted making out with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice Monday night during a party outside the Olympic Village. In other news, Phelps has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster's Free Press to write about his training regimen and TMZ reports he's just purchased a 4,080-square-foot condo in Baltimore for $1.69 million. His new waterfront pad has a Jacuzzi and pool.
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