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this is a day of new beginnings

  • I posted a Sam-centric recap and capspam of Provenance, Dead Man's Blood, Salvation and Devil's Trap right here at spn_nostalgia. You should go check it out. Devil's Trap remains my favorite episode. Even as many times as I've seen it...the Impala crash STILL makes me jump a mile. The whole episode is just so intense and packed with information and, I don't know. I love it.

  • On Saturday I had dinner with mkay9, tobemeagain, splendidsilence and leia_pocket. Such a great group of people! They made me laugh bunches and we made some fun future plans, so...WOOT. Good times.

  • delicatelight is doing a really cool music mix challenge, so you should go check that out: mixingmusic.

  • I have 43 Big Bangs still to read. *feels faint*

  • I'm very sad that the Olympics are over. I really enjoyed them this year. However, since classes start again today, it's probably a good thing that I don't have them to distract me. *grin* I'm taking a full load this semester, so it'll be challenging but hopefully also interesting.

  • I bet you thought now that the Olympics are over that I'd stop posting about Michael Phelps. You would be WRONG.

    This quote from People's September 1 issue amuses me:
    Phelps won't train seriously again until next year, when he'll likely compete at the World Championships in Rome -- in part because his mom wants to go. "Well, I've never been there," she explains.
    And then, there's this quote from Sports Illustrated's August 25 issue:
    Asked how it felt to be the first person to win eight gold medals in a single Olympic Games, he smiled and shrugged. "I don't know," he said. "So much emotion is going through my head...I kinda just want to see my mom."

    And THEN, there's this adorable story that Phelps posted on his Facebook page, about his flight this week to London:
    The flight attendant and pilot came back during the trip today to meet me, but introduced themselves to the 40 year old guy sitting next to me thinking it was me! Guess I can still blend in.
    Happy Monday y'all!
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