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Today is moonmelody's birthday. Jess, I love you to bits and pieces. Being your friend improves my life, thank you for that.

A couple of weeks ago, I tweaked my right shoulder doing yoga. I've been waiting for it to, I don't know, HEAL ITSELF, but thus far it has not. This morning's class was especially hard on it for no known reason. There were a couple of things I just could not do. I know this is OK but it still bugs me. I think I need to tape it up Keri Walsh-style or something. *grin*

I have never gotten as much spam mail in my life as I have since I started using gmail. NOT COOL. I've also never ever gotten as much misdirected mail. There's someone in North Carolina with my same name who is very involved with her church. Though possibly she won't be as involved moving forward since all her event notifications keep coming to me. *sigh*

Making plans to visit annkiri and phaballa in a few weeks makes me very happy.

Fresh watermelon for the win.

I have been obsessively playing spider solitaire. OBSESSIVELY. I cannot stop. I think maybe I need Solitaire Anonymous or something. *facepalm*

I have exactly one metric ton of reading to do for school. It's only the second day! Not cool professors. Although currently I'm avoiding it, so not really sure why I'm even bothering to complain. Heh.

Tell me some good things about YOUR day.
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