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amazing things about Wednesday

There is a girl in my cataloging class (OK, technically it's "Organization and Control of Information Resources," doesn't that sound impressive? But in actuality, it's cataloging.) that looks EXACTLY like missyjack! I cannot get over the resemblance. And when she laughs, her whole body shakes, from head to toe. I sort of love it a lot. Yes, I'm forcing her to be my school-friend based on these two facts alone.

This is the second cataloging class I've taken and it's pretty interesting. I mean, you only can read so much about metadata and AACR codes before your eyes start to cross, BUT! It really appeals to my need for structure and rules so I like that bit.

In other news, I deeply love this video Michael Phelps posted today. It's not new but I hadn't seen it before. It's about meeting goals. Ugh, I know it's so incredibly corny but he really inspires me.

I especially like the part where he's talking about how he can't control what other people say and do. He only can control himself.

I know that isn't, you know, a revolutionary idea but I really needed to hear it today. Maybe you do too.
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