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Dear LJ:

I have lots to discuss with you today!

  • Addison started at a new daycare this week and they have web cams in the rooms! Mom and I have been watching it like TV, it's so addicting! AHHHH! BABY.

  • For the last two years I have gotten a tattoo on Labor Day weekend. Looks like I'm going to break that streak this year. I've kind of sad about it but I can't think of a single thing I want. Ahhh, well.

  • Apparently Stephanie Meyer is pissed that someone circulated a draft of her newest book online. So she decided to post the draft herself but put the book itself on hold indefinitely. Smart decision or stupid one?

  • Check out this hilarious t-shirt: Phelps's Eight Gold Medals. I sort of adore it.

  • Speaking of Michael Phelps (shh! I so was!), he was in NYC this week and stumbled on the Entourage crew filming. So, they wrote him into the scene, on the spot! COOL.

  • I had lunch plans with friends today but one of them got food poisoning yesterday, so we canceled. On the one hand, I'm happy because I have a whole found day to work on homework. On the other hand, now I have to feed myself. Nothing sounds good! NOTHING. What should I make flist? What food would be easy and yummy?

  • I got an adorable note in the mail from arabella_hope! Ang, I think that cartoon on the front looks EXACTLY like me and Jared. I'm pretending you did that on purpose. *grin* Thank you sweetheart!

  • Yesterday was my interview for the library board. It went fine. I knew everyone on the interviewing committee already and they didn't seem interested in asking me any really in-depth questions. So, that's all moving along at pace.

    However! I did have some drama. Of course I did, it's ME.

    Anyway, they had the waiting candidates in one conference room and then they'd come get you and take you over to the other conference room for the interview. I was a little late getting there, so I was last on the waiting list, no big deal. At the end, I was alone in the conference room and pulled out my book to pass time.

    In walks this HUGE, disgusting, sweaty, gross, smelly guy dressed in dirty shorts and a t-shirt. (I didn't wear a SUIT or anything but I did manage to, you know, shower within the same day!)

    He immediately plops down, pays no attention to the fact that I'm reading and launches into a tirade about how he wants to join the board because he's pro-censorship. (I gathered from his ranting that he'd found a book in the library about 60's politics and it included a photo of a topless woman at a protest. And while he was quick to assure me that HE certainly didn't find the image arousing, it just wasn't ok that his nine-year-old could pull a book with a naked woman in it off the shelf. He even went so far as to compare it to Playboy!)

    Well. I did public relations for a bookstore. I've written talking points for the CEO about censorship, I personally have been media trained on "porn" available to the public, I took an entire CLASS on freedom of information in libraries. Uhm, the point is that the guy quickly figured out that he couldn't possibly beat me down on that topic, so he switched.

    To the objectification of women. He led off with "The average woman is a size 14. Were you AWARE of that?" My jaw hit the table. Are you KIDDING ME??? He then went on a rant about fashion sizing, Britney Spears's hats and how fashion magazines were EVIL.

    I was gearing up for a really, really GOOD rant when the woman came to take me to the interview. As soon as we walked away, she freaked a little and apologized profusely. Basically said that if she'd known that guy had shown up, she never would have left me alone with him. I felt better that he clearly was a nut job and that everyone knew it. GOOD GRAVY.


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