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Tuesdays call for extra coffee

I think I'm obsessed with cupcake blogs. I can't stop reading them, everything looks SO GOOD! Do you have a fave non-LJ blog you love (cupcake or otherwise!) Tell me!

I have a question...does there exist somewhere a list of all the Fall TV premiere dates? I'm almost sure someone linked me to one last year and I'd really like to find such a thing for this year. Anyone know?

Also, what're your favorite icon sites? Fandom and non-fandom?

I like this behind-the-scenes video that a CNBC reporter did about his All-Access Day with Michael Phelps on his first day back in the US. He says that he's had all-access with many, many athletes but never seen anything like the frenzy around Phelps.


Dear Michael Phelps:

I was unaware that people even had muscles like that in their backs, but apparently they do.

In awe,

58 days until my birthday! SO CLOSE! *bounces*
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