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Tomorrow is the big Oprah show featuring all the US Olympic athletes (including Phelps and Lochte), so...set your DVRs.

Also, True Blood finally debuts tonight AND Phelps is on the VMAs. *excited*

Starbucks is offering school teachers a complimentary tall cup of brewed coffee on Mondays during the month of September.

Thank you to mickeym for the awesome v-gift! I love those things, totally made me smile. Also, I got an awesome letter from weesta, which included a key chain that says "Friends don't let friends go to Hell" (she, of course, noted that that should say "brothers" instead of "friends.") LOVE IT. Thank you P!

I would like to know why guys I barely knew in high school keep adding me on FaceBook. They're nice people, I recognize their names but...we weren't close then or now. I continue to be mystified by FaceBook.

Last night, I had an adventure! I met up with my friend Cathy and her husband and we went to see the Senior Follies, which basically is a talent showcase for people 55 and over. One of our former co-workers (who is quite the character in her own right) was a showgirl in the production, so we wanted to see her. And she looked AMAZING, of course!

It was really an incredible show, there was so much talent! I was honestly blown away. It was an odd night but super fun and I'm glad we could be there to support S.

It also was really fun because I wore a dress! And heels! And make-up! I felt like a total grown-up! I used to have to wear a suit and heels to work every day but I haven't made a big appearance effort in a long time and it felt nice to be fancy.

Even more importantly, I was driving over to Cathy's and I was just struck by this enormous sense of self. I don't even know how else to explain it. Just very much ME and good and happy. It's a feeling I don't have all the time, but it was really nice to revel in it last night.

Stayed up too late, slept in too late and have been supremely lazy today. About to attack some more to-be-read fic and continue to sprawl.

Happy weekend y'all!
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