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Twenty Things

I told annkiri that I wanted a project and she assigned me to write twenty things I love about people on my flist but not say who they are.

And thus:

1. You always listen and you never judge. Ever, ever. I honestly don't know how you do it.
2. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you always get back up again. Your persistence inspires me.
3. You are so freaking SMART. And giving. And genuine. And you do it all so naturally, without a moment's thought or hesitation.
4. I envy your level of genuine enthusiasm and squee.
5. Your smile.
6. Your talent blows me away on a regular basis. I can't figure out how to fangirl you the way I'd like without being scary!
7. You are so interesting. Why aren't we closer friends? I want to talk to you every day! I want to know everything about you.
8. You always make me think about things in new ways. I love that.
9. I love hearing about your normal, every day life. What your kids did, what you had for dinner, your projects, whatever. It fascinates me.
10. You are HILARIOUS. I want your sense of humor and wit.
11. Your sense of self is enviable. You know who you are, no apologies or explanations. It's impressive.
12. You somehow manage to make everything fun. Everything! Who doesn't love fun?
13. Whenever I get an email from you, my heart speeds up. It literally makes my whole day.
14. I love that we can obsess over the most minute things, bitch and moan, talk about cutie boys and discuss serious topics...all in one conversation.
15. I love that sometimes you make me cake. :)
16. Your talent is amazing. I hope you really do write a novel some day, you could. It would be brilliant.
17. Nothing slows you down. You just do what you want and enjoy life. That's pretty awesome.
18. I'm pretty sure no one in the world would put up with me the way you do.
19. I love that sometimes you make posts about being mad or sad or screwing up. Life isn't always about good things and owning the bad things is REAL. I appreciate that you share that part of yourself too.
20. You make me want.
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