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In this People magazine article about Phelps appearing on SNL, I was validated to see that Saturday Night Live castmember Kristen Wiig sees eye-to-eye with me on expectations:
"I'm excited to meet Michael Phelps!" she told PEOPLE at a bash celebrating her film Ghost Town at the Toronto Film Festival. "He's gonna be naked in all the sketches I write, for sure."
I'm excited to see the happy fandom squee all over my flist. Nice timing with SPN starting next week. I wonder if we should do a new round of fluffandfold in celebration? I think, however, that most people are pretty challenged out at the moment...

I continue to read Big Bangs. I have about 27 left to go. Making progress!

On a personal level it's been a really odd week. I'm about to hit two weeks of fun and activity so I know that will help get my head back on straight. Again. Provided I ever finish this paper first...

Y'all post a lot today to keep me distracted. Or email me so we can discuss your inner thoughts. Or comment and tell me about what you're having for lunch so I can get inspired to make a grocery list.
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