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and another thing!

OMG, why is everyone talking about WinCon all of a sudden? I'm starting to get major anxiety! *breathes into paper sack*

This is the first one I've gone to pretty much alone, always before I had Andrea and Rachel with me. ARGH. What if no one wants to hang out with me? (HAHA, like I'd even allow you all to HAVE that option!) But still! I'm shy! It's nerve wracking!

...y'all so think I'm kidding about the paper bag too, don't you?

I have finally managed a first draft of the paper I've been putting off. WOOT. It still needs major work but a draft is better than nothing.

I would like to know what it is about ex's. WHY do they all come out of the woodwork at one time? Better yet, why do they come out of the woodwork AT ALL?

I am making a new plan for my life. How many times have you guys heard me say that in the time I've been on LJ? Once? Five times? A dozen? Well guess what? It's yet another turning point.


Does this entry seem as spastic to you as it is to me? 0_o
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