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MP and SNL

OK, so Michael Phelps clearly isn't an actor! *pets him* He was still pretty adorable on SNL. I loved that his mom (his actual mom, lol!) was there cheering him on too.

I was super sadface there was no Ryan-mocking though! Also, what's with all the press about Obama being there and then...no? HUMPH.

What I REALLY want though, is some of the pics they used as commercial bumpers. Specifically the one of MP pulling back his coat to show a Superman shirt, and the one of him holding a fish in his mouth. Anyone know where I can get those? Does SNL/the network post them anywhere? I NEED. *grabby hands*

Here's the hilarious Palin-Clinton sketch from the opening: here!

Oddly, today should be fairly busy, so...later gators!
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