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You're taller in person.

Hello, I am home! *phew!* I had an awesome trip to Austin but I missed my puppies and I'm glad to be back at home with them. Although, I woke up feeling like crap. Not sure if it's allergies or actual sick but I do NOT APPROVE.

I got to go to the movies with phaballa, we saw Righteous Kill, which was HORRIBLE. One night annkiri took me contra dancing, which I've never done before. I have major coordination issues, so that was especially challenging! It was really fun. I was excited to do something so totally new and even more pleased that it turned out to be a blast! We also met up with misskittye (who is freaking ADORABLE) and soylahtayplease for lunch on Sunday. YAY for new fangirl friends!

And, as you can imagine, there was much SPN-squee, some bonus Chad-lust, possibly a drunken purity test, Amy's ice cream, a little shopping and so much fun OMG!

Awesome trip, awesome girls. *beams*

SO! *claps hands together* What's been going on around here? Tell me and show me everything!

OHOH ALSO. Tomorrow I'm going to make a post about things we love about fandom and SPN, so start thinking about that so you have answers and conversation ready. Cool? YES!
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