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it's only been a week, but it's coming over me

That's a photo I took in a bathroom stall in some restaurant in Austin. It says "let everything change you irrevocably." I sort of love it a lot.

I was super busy yesterday and not online at all. Did I miss anything major? I know that I am LOVING rolling around in all the SPN and fandom love in this post. Definitely happy-making!

Dear LL Cool J: Please join the cast of all my favorite reality shows immediately. You don't have to do anything...just keep licking your lips and flexing your forearms. That's more than enough. Always yours, Wendy

If you start feeling bad today, I want you to think about this woman: Kathy Cox. She won a million dollars on a game show and gave it all away to her local school district. I seriously tear up every time I read the article. Talk about inspiring!

I'm off to read through LJ super-quick, write an email to B and then I have to leave...AGAIN. Hopefully I should be back home by afternoon though. Wooooo! Dear Life: Why so crazy this week? I'm exhausted! No love, Wendy

Hope you guys are having a great week and especially an awesome Thursday!
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