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bad cookies and lawyers, adorable boys

I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough earlier today and it turned out completely tasteless. First of all, I don't understand how that could happen. Second of all, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? I've been over the ingredients list twice and I didn't leave anything out. Yet? Still 100 percent tasteless.

Yesterday I saw Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. It was ADORABLE. I read today that it was all filmed on location in NYC and all of it was done at night (as the whole movie is set at night.) Interesting for no known reason. Also, if Michael Cera was 15 years older, I'd totally make out with him. I'm telling ya, ADORABLE.

Also high on the adorableness scale? Michael Phelps with a KITTEN.

Last week I had to go to an orientation-thing for the library board. It was basically to talk about open records and open meetings and, as I can recite rules for those things in my sleep, very boring. Until! The City Attorney actually advised people that if they ever had a piece of email that was subpoenaed that they should...(are you ready?)...DELETE IT.

No, I'm so not even kidding. I did mention that nothing that's deleted is ever really deleted, it always can be recovered and his response was something along the lines of..."Well, do you personally know how to do that stuff? Neither do I."

Oh, well, ok then. I'm so glad my taxes pay for YOU!

I feel I should say something about Sam as he is my Most Adorable of All Boys but...I spent about 30 minutes searching for S4 quotes from him and came up with NOTHING good. This makes me have a super sadface. Don't worry Sammy, I still love you and believe in you. STAY STRONG.
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