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I finally got caught up on Fringe and I LOVE it. I don't understand a single thing happening on my TV screen and I still love it!

On the other hand, I think I'm about done with True Blood. I want to like it so, so much but it is so FREAKING slow. Nothing ever happens! I was watching an old ep and found myself bargaining ("Maybe I'll only watch every other episode!"), and that's when I figured maybe it was time to let myself off the hook.

Poll #1273430 Project Runway

Who does not make it to Fashion Week?


(Don't say Kenley just because you hate her. I hate her too!)

Thus ends my TV update.

Is it cold in Baltimore in October? I need to know!

I've decided to make Thursday Sam Winchester Appreciation Day, so start thinking about what you can do to celebrate that in your own way.

UGH. I feel so....weird lately. Like, I can't even write a coherent sentence anymore. Certainly nothing that anyone else is interested in, I promise you that. I've also gotten really bad about commenting, which usually I excel at. I promise to be better this week, starting right now. So, you all should make posts telling me what you're up to so I can get caught up on your lives. :)

I'm also having trouble reading SPN fic lately, which...really upsets me. I miss that SamandDean dynamic so much. It's all just so sad now. And caged in death and secrets and, I don't know. It's not fun to read. But how WOULD you wedge happy, schmoopy fic into season four? *sigh* It just, I don't know. It's hard.

It's pouring rain outside, which means I can't walk, and it clearly is impacting my mood BLAH. So, I'm going to try and be productive and get myself re-directed in a good way.

Listen, I adore all of you guys so much and you mean the world to me. I want to feel connected to everyone. I LIKE that feeling. And I suppose it makes me even more lame than normal but fandom and my LJ buddies are important to me and I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that. I have met so many strong, creative, amazing women through this medium and THAT is what makes all the difference sometimes. So, thank you all for being you and for being part of me.
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