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Fridays are happy

I'm sure everyone has seen these already, but just in case, ignited made some FABULOUS WinCon icons. They make me so happy and I'm having to really WORK to convince myself that I don't ACTUALLY need eight of them. At once.

Also, sarah_p linked to this and I think it's about the coolest thing ever! Supernatural Pumpkin-Carving Template. I have zero creative skills and for certain shouldn't be trusted alone with a sharp knife, so I'm really hoping one of you will make this so I can seeeee it! So fun!

Last night was the first library board meeting of this year. It lasted two hours. *moan* The first thing we did was elect officers, and I was appointed secretary. Which is awesome because it mostly is a ceremonial position AND I can put it on my resume. Excellent.

After elections, one of the newer people said he didn't recognize everyone and could we do introductions, so I said "I'm your secretary." Then I paused for everyone to get the reference but no one did, OF COURSE.

Well, it amused me.

I need to leave in a few minutes to go and get my hair cut, a chore I haaaate. (Two hours of just sitting there makes me bonkers.) Then I have to come home and finish up this paper I'm writing for school. I can't work on it this weekend because phaballa is coming up Saturday and she and I and dragojustine are going to see the Olympic gymnasts perform! I am very excited! WOOOO!
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