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Today is brynwulf's birthday! WOO. Meg, I'm so glad I've gotten to hug you recently. I hope your birthday is wonderful and full of puppy snuggles.

It also is wook77's birthday! I miss you wookers, hope all is well!

AND, it is a mere SEVEN DAYS to my own birthday! One more week! I got a birthday card yesterday from rheyamorgaine, my very first for this season. Thank you Kelly!

Yesterday I made up this long list of errands that I needed to run but today I can't find the list. This means that there are none, right? WOOT. Home free! I think instead that I might run out to Whole Foods later, a treat for me because it's too far away to visit all the time.

I have been mainlining American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld and it is so freaking good. I only vaguely had an idea about Laura Bush's life story so it's unexpectedly fascinating.

Speaking of politics, check out this video my brother (warning: he's a die hard Republican) sent me of a crazy protester interrupting a Palin interview.

I'm excited we get new Show today but I also am a little flummoxed about how it is Thursday again. Just this time last week I was leaving for WinCon and now it's all over and I don't really understand how a week has already gone by.
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