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Tonight my Dad and I were having a friendly little argument about Sarah Palin, as you do. It mostly went like this:

Me: She's so dumb.
Dad: She has 120 IQ.
Me: Too bad she still can't speak in complete sentences.
Dad: Uh huh. Tell me five things you know about Biden.
Me: Errr...he's a senator?
Dad: Exactly.

Then we went on to discuss how much formal education most presidents have. Can I just say how much I love (love love LOVE) that I'm nearly 36 years old and my parents STILL look for Spontaneous Teaching Opportunities? I can't even express how much I love that they still challenge me and still help me learn new things.

Anyway, what we discovered is that the ONLY president to ever hold an actual Ph.D. was Woodrow Wilson. Who died in 1924. 1924!! As a perspective on timing, women received the right to vote during his second term.

Food for thought.

(Please note: This post is NOT about politics. It's about education.)
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