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October is my favorite month

It's THREE DAYS until my birthday!

I love this time of year. When I was little my family lived two blocks from my elementary school, so from kindergarten through fifth grade (we moved after that) I walked by myself to and from school every day. And it especially was fun around my birthday because all the kids I wanted to come to my party could just walk home with me after school.

Very often we would all be dressed in costumes for the school party, so my birthdays were almost always Halloween-themed. My mom ADORES Halloween and always has decorated the house for it in abundance. Every room has decorations and it's a running family joke because she constantly is buying more. My favorite is the skeleton she puts out in some random chair. She also has a box that looks like candy, but when you open it, a spider jumps out at you. EEK! She's been showing it to Addison for months, so she won't be scared of it come Halloween-time, and she isn't.

Anyway....house. Fully decorated for Halloween.

Then, mom also would make something fabulous. One year she made me a ghost cake that had eyes that FLAMED. It was glorious and I still can picture it clearly in my mind. She also used to float ice-hands in the punch. She would do treasure hunts where you'd follow a black yard trail to get to the prize and our whole backyard would look like a spiderweb.

I always loved these parties and, in retrospect, I love that my mom worked so hard to make them really special for me. Halloween and my birthday are endlessly tied together for all of us.

In fact, when I was in kindergarten, we had to do a little interview with the teacher and say our name, address, birthday, phone number, parent's name....safety stuff, basically. And I kept on saying that my birthday was "the day before Halloween." the teacher would press, "but what day is THAT?" and I'd just keep repeating myself. My parents mostly thought this was HILARIOUS, but they did teach me the actual date (October 30!) and have me go back and tell the teacher so I'd get full credit. *grin*

This year, we are again celebrating my birthday and Halloween together. Because of working and such, it's been a long time since I actually could spend Halloween-proper with my family. (The last time was 2002). My mom is going to make me a special dinner and her amaaaazing coconut cake, which only gets made for really special occasions. Then we'll take Addison around to visit a few local people (she's going to be an ANGEL! Literally!!) and then we'll go home to pass out candy to the kids who come to mom's house.

For many, many years, my mom used to count the number of kids who would come by trick-or-treating. She literally made hash marks on the desk calendar. We had in the 100's some years. Of course, most kids don't go door-to-door anymore. 20 people is a pretty good year now-a-days. Sad but necessary, I guess.

Anywho! My birthday! Halloween! Exciting time of year! I love it! *beams*
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