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Tuesdays are...

It's cormallen's birthday! Happy birthday Alex! I hope you have a really fabulous celebration. Have some cake for me!

I am madly in love with every one of these Halloween icons.

I seem to have lost the ability to communicate. Everything I say comes out snippy or...just plain wrong. All I want to do is run around LJ deleting all of my own stupid comments. Sometimes the things I say, which seem relevant in the moment, horrify me after the fact. In that same vein, I'm fairly tired of coming away from every conversation feeling like the other person thinks I'm stupid or like I'm stepping on toes. This is mostly my own insecurities, I realize, but still. Surely I can't ALWAYS be saying the exact wrong thing? Then again, maybe I can.

My brain has been running on overdrive lately. I know it's because I've been off my schedule for the last 2-3 weeks. Today doesn't look like much of an improvement, to be honest. I am unable to focus on anything and I hate how scattered that makes me feel. Need to put some structure in place so I can get things smoothed out again. A PLAN will make everything better! *laughs*

I had a HILARIOUS conversation the other day with drvsilla about Jared going overseas to do haircare commercials for foreign countries thinking no one here would ever find out. And of course, they do. And the PAs keep turning wind machines on him and Jensen gets obsessed with touching Jared's flowing hair and...yes.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon re-reading Veterans of the Psychic Wars, which I still love. There are pieces of it that just lodge in my brain sometimes, you know?

What masterpiece of fanfic should I re-read today?

In non-LJ news...I had to turn the heater on last night! Unacceptable.
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