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It's Halloween!

I woke up today in such a happy mood! And tonight I get a BABY and my cake and a new ipod (FINALLY) and kids in costume and I am very, very excited!

But first! I must make some major progress on this Collection Development paper I'm working on. We have to put together a "collection" for a library we studied, and this particular gap collection has a $2000 budget. I worked on it one day earlier this week and only "spent" about $256. OYE. Must spend more money!! (It's harder than it looks, I tell you that!)


Y'all go check out these icons keyweegirlie made of Sam and of Jared. I quite like them ALL. *beams*

Does anyone use a hand lotion they really like? My skin gets so dry this time of year and my normal lotion feels like I'm just sort of rubbing water on my hands. UNHELPFUL. I'm looking for something cheap I can buy at the grocery store. Any thoughts?

ALSO. I need some screencaps/icons/life-sized cardboard cutouts of smokin' hot Sam from last night's episode. NUMMY. His hair! Actual curls! His chest! His arms! His cheekbones! His...HIM. ALL OF HIM. So, so pretty. And strong. And....AHHHHH. WANT.

Who has fun Halloween plans? Tell me everything! I want tons of pictures! From everyone! I don't care if you go out on the town in an actual Cinderella Princess dress, or if you read fic in bed all night...PICTURES. I want pictorial evidence of your evening! Yes?
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