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Eye of the Tiger

From TV Guide.com:

Haunting are nothing new for fans of the CW's Supernatural. So when star Jensen Ackles burst into a lip sync-and-dance number to Survivor's fist-pumpin' "Eye of the Tiger" while filming the October 23 episode, was a ghoulish presence to blame? Try a foolish one. "It was all Jared's fault!" says Ackles, blaming costar and known prankster Jared Padalecki.

"It was a prank pulled by Jared to see what Jensen would do," confirms director Phil Sgriccia. "The cue was for Jared's character, Sam, to come up and bang on the roof of the car to get Jensen out of his reverie, but Jared, prankster that he is, decided not to." When the cue didn't come, Ackles kept on grooving, jumping out of the car and onto the vehicle's roof to jam his way--air guitar and all--through the song's first minute. "It just happened," he explains. "They kept [rolling], so I kept going." And thus, a Web star was born.

Supernatural fans saw the intended five-second version during the show, but the full-length clip was shown after the episode, then made its way to YouTube and beyond, garnering over 100,000 views in its first week. Some skeptics still don't buy the scene's spontaneity, citing Ackles' too-smooth moves. And though the actor can't explain his seamless choreography, Sgriccia is just glad it happened. "It was a cool moment, and totally genuine," he says. "You don't get those a lot. I only thank the powers above I didn't yell 'Cut.'"
--Sandra Kofler

And because it will never NOT be hilarious:

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