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A few months ago, I read the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. I enjoyed it and through my awesome wikipedia skills discovered that there is a movie too! (With Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke and Alicia Silverstone, no less!) I watched that last weekend and it is awesome.

Alex Rider is played by Alex Pettyfer, who is ADORABLE. I have such a little baby crush on him now. You can see why here and here. SO CUTE. I LOVE HIM.

In yoga this morning, some people behind me were talking and I could hear pieces of their conversation, including: "they fought really hard but just couldn't win it" and "it was really disappointing." I was gritting my teeth and repeating my current mantra (Do Not Engage) when I realized they were talking about....the high school marching band competition that also happened yesterday. It was a nice wake-up that the whole world isn't thinking about the things *I* am thinking about. Life continues.

My little brother does this thing where he always calls me his sister. He almost never refers to me by name. It's always "go ask my sister" or "yeah, that's what my sister said" or "John, this is my sister." And I looooove it. I'm really not a smooshy pet-name-person IRL, but I love that he always calls me his sister. My mom says this is because there is no one else in the ENTIRE WORLD who can call me that. I'm only a sister to ONE person. Kinda neat.

I am so overwhelmed with life at the moment. I cannot seem to get caught up. I have unanswered emails (which drives me batty), I still haven't written my birthday thank you notes (which makes me feel ungrateful), I have GOT to pick up my house as Rachel is coming tomorrow and there is NO MORE TIME and I have so much homework to do. I feel very flail-ey about life in general.

Now lastly, I'd like to talk about ringtones. I blame mandyremains for this as she was talking to me the other day about uploading holiday ringtones on her phone this year.

I've used "Carry On" as my text ringtone FOREVER, and probably will for the foreseeable future. I used "Back in Black" for my phone ringtone for a looooong time but just changed it yesterday to "Let It Rock," which I may or may not keep.

SO. Now you tell me!

What ringtones do you use on your phone?

If you could have a personalized ringtone play when you call me, what would it be?

What ringtone plays when Jared calls or texts Jensen's phone?

What ringtone plays when Jensen calls or texts Jared's phone?

I am a bit in awe of all the people saying they never believed they'd see this day. I mean, I wasn't sure it would be TODAY, but I always believed it would be SOME DAY. There are more hurdles to be overcome, clearly. More barriers to break. But they'll happen too.

ETA: Michael Crichton died unexpectedly at 66. Wow, that's a shock. He was such a creative and talented guy. Sad.
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