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I can't think of a clever subject line!

Yesterday, popmusicjunkie did this LJ writing prompt-thing about why there aren't lights in freezers. I replied that my freezer DID have a light in it. And I'm pretty sure my old freezer did too. Is no light in the freezer only for super old appliances? I need to know.

Actually go and look, don't just guess!

Is there a light in your freezer?

Is this a euphemism?
I don't have a freezer!

Another thing I ponder...how much would Jared LOVE this hat? I WANT IT.

girlmostlikely posted this link and I sort of love it....

Barack Obama Thanks You
Ice Cube / It Was A Good Day
Abstract Rude / The Government (Nov. 4th Mix)
Joell Ortiz, Dante Hawkins / Letter To The President
Kidz In The Hall, Bun B, Talib Kweli / Change (Work To Do)
Freeway / Change
Sky 7th / The Ballot
J.Period, Q-Tip / Shaka
Rappers I Know (Synatto Watts, Kay, S.A.V.V.i, Damien, Minus, The ARE) / New Flava
Bun B, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Cory Mo, Trae / Obama 08
Mims, Junior Reid / Barockstar Rmx
Neil Young / Looking For A Leader
Wale, Rhymefest, Christina K, Royce 5 9 / Black President Rmx Pt. 2
Nas / Black President
Mekka Don / Dear Obama
Jay Z / Lick A Shot For Obama
Emilio Rojas / Free
Will I Am / Yes We Can

The songs are cut in with excerpts from Obama's speeches and it's a really awesome mix.


The original link and download is here.

I have become addicted to Starbucks hot chocolate. Isn't that LAME? Not even their fancy hot choco (which I don't really even like), but just the plain classic stuff. MMMMM. I want to drink it every day. I could drink it 31. (Let's see who will own up to getting THAT reference!) Although it annoys me that I can't get a caffeine rush from it. SAD.

I used white chocolate raspberry creamer in the coffee I made in my kitchen today. It tastes a little like soap. UNCOOL.

Now I am going to read fic and stare at pictures of Jared Padalecki. I mean, err....homework! Need to do homework! *grin*
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