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Dear Sweetheart...

I have decided to have a small crush on Michelle Obama. I realize I'm behind the curve on this, but still. I just discovered it! She has more education than any other First Lady. And she loves her family. And I love HER.

I am in a quandary about SHOES. I need to figure out what sort of shoes to wear for working in a library. I have to wear, like, pants and skirts and in my former life I always wore heels with those outfits. That clearly will not work now. And I can't wear sneakers with a skirt. I need to figure out the solution to this problem ASAP! There has to be one...

Are headbands back in style? Ten years ago, I used to wear them all the time. Then, an ex-bf told me I looked like Hillary Clinton and I was shamed and stopped. But NOW I am feeling the urge again. They are calling to me! So...headbands....yes or no?

offtheceiling and her pal Mandi (whose LJ name I cannot remember) stayed with me a couple of days last week. Then, they took a side trip to San Antonio this weekend. I was expecting them back today but they surprised me by showing up at 5 a.m. AHHH! Then we slept all morning and had food and now I'm about to do some homework while they occupy themselves by watching my Buffy DVDs.

They will be here through Thursday and then annkiri is coming to stay with me until Monday. EXCITEMENT! We are going to see an OPERA. So, I'm sure I'll be online some but my participation in your lives may be spotty until next week. You always can text or email me though. My Blackberry is glued to my hip!

Dear Jared and Jensen: I miss you. --Love Forever, Wendy

And! Here are two songs for you that I cannot stop listening to:

  • Stars by The Weepies

  • Well, Well, Well by Lucinda Williams

    Mmmmmmm, Starbucks.....
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