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things not about last night's SPN

♥ Michael Phelps will be on Barbara Walter's "10 Most Fascinating People" special on December 4.

♥ Obama's Secret Service name is "Renegade." Michelle's is "Renaissance." Malia = "Radiance" and Sasha = "Rosebud." SO MUCH LOVE.

♥ I just discovered that there are GAMES on my new ipod! My old one was much too, well, old for that. I want more! Where can I find more??

♥ I also love the cover-flow thing this ipod does. But I'm over the clock screen saver. I just want to see how long is left in my song, ok? I wish I could figure out how to turn that off. What other snazzy things do new ipods do that I don't know about?

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♥ I GET annkiri TODAY!!

♥ I am craving schmoopy J2 fic. Like warm, cuddly, happy, so sweet it makes your teeth ACHE schmoop. *makes grabby hands at all of fandom*
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