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I have so much to update about that I'm pretty sure I'll never actually be caught up. So, here are some weekend highlights...

  • annkiri has gone home and I am bereft without her.

  • Saturday night, berrylicious877, dragojustine, tastyeyeliner, hellspearx17 and waterofthemoon came over to join annkiri and me for pizza and DVDs. There was lots of laughter, embarassing stories, puppy drool and CUPCAKES (which B made from scratch!) I really enjoyed getting to see everyone. We watched High Fidelity and then The Devil Wears Prada. (Which forced me to re-live my old dreams about Jensen bringing me Starbucks every day.) Oh and hey guys? Someone left some movies in my kitchen...are they yours?

  • Due to the above, I have spent the morning re-reading The Devil Really Does Wear Prada by balefully. I love it so much!

  • B and I did keep up with Jared and Jensen's shenanigans in Chicago. *draws hearts* I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. The "my three dawgs!" story and Jared saying "I'm why we can't have nice things" (someone icon this!!) will never not be my most favorite things. UGH. BOYS. HOW SO ADORABLE??

  • Sunday B and I went to the opera, which I enjoyed more than anticipated. It was really beautiful and it was fun to have annkiri there to explain the nuances I wouldn't have caught otherwise.

  • JENSEN IN DAWSON'S CREEK. *flailflail* I think I might finally be ready to tackle Gilmore Girls next.

    I'm pretty much behind on LIFE, so if I missed anything awesome going on with you, or if there's great fic or pictures or something you want to squee about or discuss or, I don't know, WHATEVER....come tell me!
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