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Six SPN Fic Recs From 2006

  • Emo by boonies -- (Sam/Dean, PG) -- One of the first "Sam and Dean find a kid and take him on the road with them" fics. SO ADORABLE. And hilarious to boot!

  • Five Christmases with the Winchesters by tremblings -- (Sam. Dean, PG-13) -- A series of drabbles, all set on various Christmases throughout Winchester history.

  • Fix(ation) by drvsilla -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- This is the brilliant thumbsucking series, which remains one of my fave weecest stories ever. And I love how Dru took the boys through their journey here, from children to men.

  • In This Moment I Am Happy by poisontaster -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 4,500 words) -- Takes place between "Dead Man's Blood" and "Salvation." I clearly remember reading this story. It was one of the very first Wincest fics I ever read and it just made me think "Oh yes, THAT."

  • Reveal by veronamay -- (Sam/Dean, G, 2,217 words) -- Missing scene from "Faith". A random hotel room somewhere in Nebraska. Sam is worried. Dean isn't talking. A connection must be made. This story is gorgeous on many levels.

  • While you were gone by missyjack -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,000 words) -- What do you say to your brother, your lover, when you haven’t spoken for four years? The author's version of what Dean went through after Sam left.
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