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"just be quiet and stand behind me"

Have just come from seeing Twilight. I've not read the books and went in with only the vaguest idea about plot.

The story is pretty thin and the sparkly skin thing will never NOT be hilarious, but I mostly enjoyed it. There were a few parts though that...well. Cheese-tastic is the best word I can come up with. ("Your scent is like heroin to me!")

Also, I'm mystified by some of the shots they chose to use. (For example, during a very tense scene at the end, Bella's eyes actually cross. Like, starting-at-your-nose cross. THAT was the best take they could get?? The guy in front of me laughed until he started coughing. No joke.)

And I really wanted to thump Bella in the head. YOU'RE SEVENTEEN. You don't even know what love is yet, you idiot.

MMMMM, but by far the best part was Robert Patterson/Edward. Holy crap. Y'all, he's SEXY. They should just put all his scenes on one reel and forget all that silly "plot" stuff. I'd pay $8 just to watch him be all dominant and protective and broody. And did I mention sexy? MAN. No other characters are needed.

Now, two things I want to complain about that are unrelated to the movie itself...

The theater was full of teenage girls who TALKED through the entire movie. ALL OF IT. To the point that I literally could not hear some of the dialog over their yapping. I finally turned around and asked the girls behind me to GET OFF MY LAWN, which silenced them for aboooout sixty seconds. It made me ashamed of their parents. How do kids no longer have any manners what-so-ever?

Kirsten Stewart. So excruciatingly thin that it looks like her normal-sized head was photoshopped on top of a teeny-tiny body. And then someone maniped in boobs. It was gross and frankly, distracting. I'm unimpressed.

In conclusion: Teenager girls are DUMB and RPats is HOT LIKE FIRE.

mandyremains? I thought about you the whole time. GUH.
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