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Seven Things

LCC Call Number construction was created by the DEVIL and I spent all weekend avoiding my homework on it. But! All that avoidance gave me lots of other stuff to talk about!

♥ I watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster*, which is a documentary about the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs in the US. It was really interesting and, surprisingly to me, really thought-provoking.

♥ I finished reading The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. This book came about in a neat way. James Patterson's son hated reading so his dad wrote this book, specifically targeted to the kid's likes and needs. The experience also led him to create http://www.readkiddoread.com, which is aimed at matching reluctant readers with materials of interest.

Unfortunately, the backstory is way better than the book itself. The plot is awful. And every chapter is exactly one and a half pages long, so as to appeal to a youngster's short attention span...even when that means breaking the chapter in the middle of a conversation. It's a very difficult format for an adult to stay invested in. But kids do love it! So.

♥ I also read Unwind, which was REALLY GOOD. It's one of the most unique story ideas I've read in a long time. And it's totally YA, so it reads fast.

The basic plot is that a Bill of Life has been passed and humans are completely protected from conception to the age of 13. Then, from 13 to 18, parents have the option to have their children "unwound." Technically their existence is ended but, as life is sacred, they continue to "live"...as harvested body parts (99.4 percent has to continue living, per law). This is the story of three Unwinds trying to escape their fate.

Bonus six degrees of separation? The author, Neal Shusterman, is the guy Orson Scott Card had tapped to write the Ender's Shadow series (the Bean books), before he recanted and decided he realllly wanted to write them himself.

♥ Can we talk about the Iron Chef America Thanksgiving special? I can't decide who was a worse judge: Tiki "I'm just eating the food, man" Barber or Lou Diamond "I learned to make this while I lived on the reservation!" Phillips. How do these people GET this job?? Then again, if LDP can do it, then Jensen could too. *snicker* I think that'd be his worst NIGHTMARE.

♥ Despite it being a national craze, I never got into playing Sodoku. Numbers make me break out in hives, even when actual math isn't involved. But then? fleshflutter wrote her Big Bang, in which Jared plays Sodoku constantly while he's waiting on Jensen to finish jobs. And...I ADMIT IT. I bought a book based solely on that. But it's been sitting on my shelf since summer. And Sunday? I picked it up. And was IMMEDIATELY addicted. I mean, OMG! So much fun. PATTERNS, I LOVE YOU. It fits my OCD tendencies nicely, thank you very much. Mmmmm, Sodoku...

♥ This year GQ did four separate covers for their Men of the Year feature. Shockingly, I chose Michael Phelps.

Yes, even over the Barack cover. Obama is a cutie, but he doesn't have abs like MP!

♥ Who saw the New Kids on the Block perform on the American Movie Awards last night? I admit it...I swooned like a 12 year old. I love them SO MUCH.

Dear Jordan: It's maybe time to let go of the falsetto.

Dear Donnie: I will never not love you. Please continue wearing the huge belt buckle and baggy jeans. Go on, touch yourself some more. And the fauxhawk? LOVE IT. I love you! *squeak*

Thus ends my weekend avoidance techniques. Sadly, I can no longer delay. *shakes fist*
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