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Yesterday I was talking to my mom and said something-or-another that prompted her to sigh about how exactly alike my dad and I. We're both stubborn. We have extremely strong opinions. We love to argue but we think too quickly, so other people can't argue back. We're introverted and calm and stoic. Then Mom laughed a little and said "There are many worse things you could be than like your Daddy." I agreed 100 percent.

A little bit later Just the Two of Us by Will Smith randomly came on my ipod and I got a little teary thinking about how much it reminded me of things my Dad has said to me, and to my brother...for our whole lives.

My Dad is such an amazing man. He is, by far, the smartest human being I've ever known. He's just wickedly brilliant. He has worked hard his entire life to provide for his family and make our lives good and he's never once NOT stepped up if any of us needed him.

He always has encouraged me to follow my dreams, whether that meant quitting my job, having to lend me money, or just being supportive of a decision he didn't agree with.

He taught me to read. He taught me to use a computer. He didn't do those thing because he HAD to, he did them because he wanted me to KNOW.

Dad loves his wife. He loves his kids. He loves his extended relatives. He's never once (NOT ONCE) behaved as if family wasn't the most important thing in his world. He's such an amazing example of a father and husband.

He's not perfect -- he has a temper, he's soooo stubborn, he never, ever concedes a point, he expects everyone else to give him his own way -- but no one is perfect. And even his faults just make him more determined at reaching his goals.

I can remember him taking me to the lab with him when I was very little. And to chess club meetings while mom was working. When I was four, we went to the circus to see the white tigers. He walked me down the aisle at my wedding. Very recently, he and I took Addison out to lunch, just the three of us. He's so awesome with the baby and she loves him so much.

I'm so thankful that THIS is the Dad I have. He means everything to me I look up to him so much. And, I don't know. He's just amazing and I am thankful.

Now go watch Will being schmoopy with his own family, including a pregnant Jada: Just the Two of Us video.

(All the embedding for this vid has been turned off so you have to direct link. BOOOO.)
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