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my fantasy life is very rich

Things I would buy if I had a bunch of money to waste on frivolous things for myself:

  • Karma Necklace: I'm a bit obsessed with circular things at the moment (all of life comes full circle eventually, yeah?) and have been looking for a circle necklace that isn't huge and thick and chunky. I also really like that the chain is pieced where it attaches to the circle. It's sexy.

  • Vampire Killing Kit t-shirt: I love shirts that remind me of fandom and this? Does. Love it!

  • Affirmacuff Message Bracelets: I freaking love these. I realllly wish they weren't leather, as I don't wear it.

  • Tea Party Necklace: So unique and adorable. Looking at this makes me happy.

  • Live Now Pendant: I sort of have a thing about stamped metal and this one really appeals to me.

    Now what will YOU buy with your imaginary disposable cash?
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