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hearts can be broken, but circles never end

I have an important Monday question for you...what are your secrets for getting yourself into a better mood? I know ryogrande has talked about being hydrated and drinking mass amounts of water to improve her mood and yesterday I saw lemmealone talk about walking barefoot in the grass. What do YOU do?

For my swimfan girls, check out these new photoshoot pictures of Ryan Lochte:

Thanks ithilmenel for finding!

This weekend I mainlined season one of Dead Like Me, which I really liked. (Surprising as I could NOT tolerate Wonderfalls or Pushing Daisies). The characters are really awesome, I wish the show had lasted longer so we could have learned more about them. But! Apparently there will be a movie next year? Awesomesauce.

I also read Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, which my mom had given me for my birthday. It was a little overly sweet but a good read and the woman whose story it is has had a very eventful life. I cried at the end. *wibble* Enjoyed it very much overall.

Have a super busy day ahead of me, so y'all be good and be happy!
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