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Chris Kane in Dallas!

Had a very good time last night seeing Chris Kane's new TV show and then watching him sing.

annkiri wrote up a great recap, so read that and I won't repeat it all. :) Ooohhhh! But she did forget to include that Chris grabbed his crotch during the "rule number seven" line of House Rules. This seems important to remember for some reason. Also, he only played guitar on one song and just sang on the rest. He sounded GREAT live.

waterofthemoon took pictures and video, so when she posts those I'll link them too. The ones I saw were awesome so I can't wait to see the rest!!

It also was really fun to get to hang at the bar with annkiri, waterofthemoon, vorpalblades, mkay9, splendidsilence, tobemeagain, jaimsie and mororwill. Fangirls always are the best part of EVERY outing!

Anyway, it was a fun night and I enjoyed Leverage a lot more than I expected to and I came away being impressed with Chris's willingness to talk to every fan and sign a zillion things and take pictures with everyone. He seems a little shy and unpolished but also very thankful for the opportunities he's had and that's a nice thing to see.

Good times!
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