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Three Things

enablelove just posted some pics of Jared being goofy and SHOCKINGLY I am so in love with him. UGH. Let me kiss your face Jared!

I want to stare at the pictures all day. I want a wallpaper for my computer. I want posters for my CEILING. *pets the pretty*

Second, a local library group survey a bunch of North Texas librarians and they picked their top 50 books. (To clarify...respondents were asked to list their top ten books for the holiday season and this is a compilation. It's not like, the top 50 books of all time, or anything.)

Anyway, lots of awesome stuff on the list!

Lastly, I got a CNN alert last Monday that said: The Dow closes down about 680 points, as manufacturing hits a 26-year low and the U.S. is declared to be in a recession.

I've seen no one talking about this, it's really scary stuff.
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