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Jared is my happy place

I have THREE research papers due next week and as I also have to work every day next week, I needed to finish them all up this weekend. BOO. As such, I have no distractions to post about as I actually had to focus.

However, I did get two of the three finished and turned in. *dusts off hands* The last refuses to stretch to the word limit. I've padded as much as possible and I'm still two full pages short. So, unless I want to introduce a new topic, which I DO NOT, then I may just turn it in short even though it kills me a little inside. It's only 30 percent of my grade. *weeps*

The most fun I had this weekend was looking at the new hotass pictures of Jared. He is so gorgeous. And he looks SO YOUNG in these, I actually had to double-check the date! And EEEE. JARED. PRETAH.

Thank you so much to enablelove, kashmir1 and rheyamorgaine for the holiday cards!

I'm trying so hard to get in the holiday spirit this year and it just isn't happening. I continue to TRY though!
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