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The Last Exit to Normal

Today I heard some teen guy holler "UGH JENSEN. STOP IT!" across the library. I'm fairly certain he was yelling at another guy but...there was a whole herd. Who can tell for sure?

I started my practicum work last week and my first day was Not Good. Like, to the point that I was rethinking my choice of a career chosen to replace the other career I hated. But today was better, so that's good and I feel like going back again tomorrow without an internal pep talk, SO. Progress!

Also, I got to do ordering today, which gives me that awesome shopping-with-other-people's-money rush that feels sooooo good.

Speaking of shopping, I am DONE with my Christmas shopping! WOO. 17 days!!

How I Met Your Mother: I assume they're planning to write Alyson Hannigan's pregnancy into the storyline, but what about Cobie Smulders's? I think it'd be really weird to have both their characters pregnant at the same time. HMMM. Any speculation for how it'll be handled?

I'm so tired, I'm afraid I might fall asleep right into my keyboard, so I'm off...night LJ!
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