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you get what you take from it, so be amazed

Happy birthday to __tiana__ and gwyntastic! I love you guys! Hope you have amazing, happy days!

I really have nothing to update about except stories pertaining to craaaazy library patrons. I'll spare you. *grin*

Oh but I will mention that I watched the youth librarian order Cassandra Clare's first book as I giggled quietly to myself.

Am still trying VERY HARD to get into the holiday spirit. Still mostly failing. Man, I love Christmastime, it makes me so sad not to be into it. Do you have any suggestions for getting with the program? Hit me with all your best ideas, I need 'em!

In other news, The Washington Post says "Happiness Can Spread Among People Like a Contagion":
Happiness is contagious, spreading among friends, neighbors, siblings and spouses like the flu, according to a large study that for the first time shows how emotion can ripple through clusters of people who may not even know each other.

It's an interesting article and so, here are five things that make me happy. And you should post a list too so you can infect other people and do your part to lift the mood of LJ at large.

Five Things That Make Me Happy Today:
1. Seeing this blog entry on my flist. FUDGE. *licks screen*
2. I get Friday off!
3. I turned in my last assignment last night so no more schoolwork until January. WOOT.
4. Making plans to see my Austin buddies in January.
5. Waking up toasty warm with flannel sheets and snugly, warm puppies!

This is the only December 10, 2008 you will ever have (ever, ever!) so make the most of it. MWAH.

ETA: Bonus song!

All This Beauty by The Weepies

Let me assure you, friend, every day is ice cream and chocolate cake, and what you make of it, let me just say, you get what you take from it, so be amazed...
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