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Twilight, Friday the 13th, Perm accounts

Hey guys...anyone know where I can get the Twilight book(s) for audio download? (and not pay, in case that wasn't explicit.) Yes, really!

Oh and ALSO. Has anyone ripped the Friday the 13th trailer off of YouTube? I sort of want to keep it on my desktop for happy-making-Jared-staring, but I can't find a download...

I'm so jealous of the person buying everyone perm accounts. I wish I could do that. I wish I was the one who WAS doing that. It's such a cool thing to make people happy and wow...anon people I am crushing on you a little bit. YAY for people making other people happy. Sometimes fandom brings down my mood and it's, I don't know, it's just NICE to see people making each other happy with no need for credit and without wanting anything in return, not even a comment. I LOVE YOU ANONS HAPPY-MAKERS.

My happy thing for today is coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, COFFEE.

Not having computer access during the day is getting old FAST. Bah humbug!

Off to work! Love you guys!
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