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life should be filled with joy

Am having a bit of a day. I'm just tired and, I don't know...TIRED. I reallllly want to hibernate, but it is not to be.

In happier news, it's poisontaster's birthday! Happy birthday Erin, I love you lots and lots. Eat cake for me! *hugs*

Also, huge thank you's to cloex_brosluvr (BOYS!), rei_c (awww, memories!), wikkidpixie (easily the COOLEST card I have received in YEARS, WOW!), weesta (THOMAS KINCAIDE!) and heidi8 (I want to drink that cranberry martini!) for the holiday cards.

And, major thanks to mickeym and enablelove for the virtual gifts. You guys are SUCH absolute sweethearts!

I feel a bit like I'm lacking in all areas of giving and friendship, at the moment. I'm really sorry about that but life is just crazy for the next few weeks. Then it'll settle again and I'll be bugging you all like crazy again! If I miss anything important, PLEASE feel free to come shove it in my face via links or emails.

I bought this adorable, tiny embroidered dress for Addison from a local resale shop. Since it was secondhand, I took it to be dry cleaned. The dry-cleaner-lady (who only barely speaks English) brought out my stuff today and this happened:

Her: Here are your things but this dress isn't yours.
Me: Oh yes, that's mine too.
Her: No.
Me: Errr, yes. It is!
Her: But you're single.

*SIGH* I did explain that it was for my niece and she made the appropriate "OOOOOHHH!" noises but sheesh. Even the dry-cleaner-lady is giving me grief about being single. STOP IT PEOPLE!

Now, I am going to mainline a little fic before I settle down to beta phaballa's popslash Big Bang SeSa and then I am going to chat with annkiri (we have had to schedule TIME to CHAT. *weeps*) and then I really am going to hibernate on the couch until I have to leave for work tomorrow. The end.

Love you guys! Tell me happy things!
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