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MY FAVORITE WON ON SURVIVOR LAST NIGHT! That hasn't happened in a really long time. And on a season of truly disgusting people too. *happy dance* I picked this person as my fave way back on the very first episode. Mostly because they seemed smart and capable and like a good person. Also, because of thenyxie's Homework!verse Jensen. It's true!

I sort of love this stationery site: Pretty Bitter. easilydistractd? This is riiiight up your alley!

I also had fun this weekend playing at Olay For You, which is Oil of Olay's new sales tool, errr...I mean, a site where you can custom-design a skincare routine. I always find that stuff mystifying, so it was interesting to see what they come up with and I actually might try the cleanser the site recommended. Though, I will admit, it cracked me up that I said I wanted a skin care routine that takes minimal time and effort and the site recommended a five product regime. Dear Site: UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN.

Saturday, the library had some woman come in to do a craft time with the elementary school-aged kids. She taught them how to weave newspaper to make these awesome little mats. (We called them "situpons" when I learned how to do this waaaaay back when I was in Camp Fire.) It was fun. BUT. She looked so much like poisontaster, and her mannerisms and personality were similar too. Even her voice inflection. So now I'm really missing PT. EXTRA LOVE TO YOU TODAY E.

agt_bush! Thank you SO MUCH for the virtual gift! I always WANTED a pony for Christmas! MWAH!

My parents kept Addison this weekend and Mom said she asked for me over and over. "Where's Wendy??" Ahh, my heart. It swells two sizes. Also, whenever she sees a Santa Claus, she starts saying "HOHOHO" in a deep voice and it's pretty much too adorable to EXIST.

Happy Monday y'all!
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