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I am so grateful for all the incredible and positive things people have been sending my way lately. So many amazing cards and v-gifts and actual gifts and kind emails and...I don't even know. I hope you ALL know how very much I appreciate you.

Conversely, I've done exactly NOTHING this holiday season for my friends. It's just been a time when I needed to focus on other things. And I always tell people that RL comes first and to do what you need to and that your LJ buddies will be here when you get back and...I hope you guys feel the same way. *smile*

But! Today is my last day working at the branch library and then I will have two gloooorious weeks off before I start working at the downtown library. During the break, we're going to see the King Tut exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art, Santa Claus is coming to visit, annkiri is coming to visit AND I'm going to Austin to visit my buddies there. Good times!

I got all A's for the semester, so that's validating too! *beams*

There's just enough time for one more cup of coffee and a fic or two before I need to leave, so...I'm off. *blows kisses* Love you guys!!
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