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Does anyone have the song "The New Year" by Death Cab? I changed my ringtone to that song this morning. I thought I had the full song but alas, I do not.

Had a very nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Very laid back, mostly focused on Addison. She didn't really ever understand the concept of Santa Claus, but she DID understand that when she woke up there were ONE ZILLION new toys in the living room and that she could play with ALL of them! So exciting! *grin*

She just continues to be the highlight of my life. She says my name all the time now ("INDY! INDY!") and always asks for kisses. When she decides she wants me to read her a story, she backs up until she can drop her little butt into my lap. During Christmas Eve dinner, she was a little fussy (we always eat at a fancy-schmancy place in FW and it was a little outside her element), so I held her in my lap while we ate and she was an absolute angel. On the way home, I would point at each person in the car and make her tell me who they were ("GamMa! GamPa! Indy! A-son!") and it was UGH, so very, very cute.

Hope you all had a good holiday and that it was full of love and happiness.
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