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three stories about sea creatures

When we were at the aquarium yesterday, we saw this tank of mini-sharks. They were about as big as my forearm. I decided Jared totally would want those for his home aquarium. Jensen says Harley would try to eat them but Jared insists that he NEEDS them.

And then he'd see the giant sea turtle exhibit and this would happen:

Jared: I want one.
Jensen: You what??
Jared: He can live in the bathtub!
Jensen: No.
Jared: But look at how he scrunches his feet when he swims! It's amazing! And educational! And I want one!
Jensen: No.
Jared: But I....
Jensen: NO.
Jared: *pouts until he gets the aforementioned mini-sharks*

Speaking of sharks, we also saw some big ones and decided one of them probably was the shark from thenyxie's homework!verse vacation fic. Seeing it made Jared nervous again but Jensen kind of growled at it a little and promised to kick that shark's ASS and Jared was able to relax.

In conclusion: Boys love aquariums.

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