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"It's hard to make New Year's resolutions when you're already perfectly behaved."
--Judith Martin

What a year it's been! I know it's been a rough one for many people but it's been a pretty good time for me. Lots of changes and new things, getting to actually relax a little, learning new subjects, meeting new people, visiting friends, so much family time...2008 gets a gold star from me.

I don't really do New Years resolutions, but I do like to think a little about how I want to improve my life moving forward. In 2009, I want to focus on listening to myself more. I want to continue defining and refining who I am. This will be yet another year of transition...I'll graduate school and get a job in a whole new profession. It's going to change everything I'm used to but I feel confident it will be worth it all in the long run. Who am I? I want a clearer answer to that question and I have 365 days to make a running start at answering it.

In other news, annkiri and I have been having a great time, as you may have noticed. We visited my mom and had lunch with her and April and Addison. We went to the Dallas Aquarium, which was a fun time although I think B was mostly just squicked out. *grin* Last night I made dinner and it turned out pretty good.

Our plans for today are MORE GILMORE GIRLS (apparently, I make a face when baby!Jared is onscreen? I don't even know! UGH, I LOVE HIM.) and snacks and booze in the evening. I'm looking forward to it.

I hope 2009 brings you all love, hope and happiness and the knowledge that the key to getting all those things is working your butt off to make them happen. We all can do it flist! I believe in you guys. LOVE YOU ALL. Mwah!

(Sorry for the re-post!!)
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