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"We have all known loneliness, and we have learned that the only solution is love, and that love comes with community."
-- Dorothy Day

Happy New Year Livejournal! I hope you all survived and had a wonderful, relaxing celebration.

annkiri and I watched My Big Break yesterday. It was interesting and inspired a lively discussion about which actor came off best and which worst. It's probably not something I need to see again but it definitely was an interesting commentary on the movie business and what the desire for fame does to people. Also, now I have new questions to ask Chad Lindberg at the next con. *grin*

We also watched The Christmas Cottage, which I was saving to watch while B was here. For sure it's choppy and cheesy and whatever but I kinda liked it. I won't even lie, I spent the last ten minutes just choking on tears. If I'd seen this before Christmas, I'd have given my Mom a copy. I still might anyway.

Also? Jared's hair is PERFECTION. And his legs look even loooonger than normal. And he should always wear snuggly sweaters. So freaking pretty.

ALSO, we watched Rory Gilmore break my baby!Jared's heart. PFFTTT. *I* will gladly volunteer to sit in the front seat of a junked out car, making out with Dean Forester and telling him "I love you." *nods* NO PROBLEM.

Unrelated to movies (or Jared), I pulled a coupon for a free 2-liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper out of a magazine. I don't drink the diet stuff, but if anyone wants it, I'll send it to you.

Also, here's a song: The New Year by Death Cab

No idea what our plans are for today. Relaxing and more GG, I assume. It's a trend! *beams*
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